W. A. Lewis Photography

Through the lens, a canvas to the world unfolds

Capturing Moments That Last a Lifetime


How I love to walk down the quiet streets and flower laden paths. To marvel at the majestic beauty of the grand old trees, delicately dressed in their cloak of leaves. For a moment I'm taken back in time, and I think of a poem I once read by Jonivan. 

"I found myself walking this morning down a path seeming to be walked by many before me. It was laden with flowers, towering trees and sounds that rang in the air. I reached out to take it in and brought to me the richness of the morning breeze, the feelings of warmth through my fingertips, life through my lungs, love through my soul. I came alive with humanity, with man, with body, with mind. One day I will put the whole world in my backyard, and each day walk down a different street." 


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